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Since 042stab084.26:

  • Rebase to RHEL6.5 kernel 2.6.32-431.1.2.el6 (see link below)
  • ve/net/bridge: don't set NULL in skb->dev (PSBM-24056)
  • cpt: use find_task_by_pid_ns when dumping ve (PSBM-24262)
  • rst: add additional output in case of socket open error (PSBM-23726)
  • cpt: use proper pid namespace to discover pid numbers on dump (PCLIN-32298)
  • mm: Don't forget to increase failcounter in OOM berserker (PCLIN-32154)
  • ve: fix devmnt check
  • cpt: add shortcut for getting pid from the current pidns
  • cpt: simplify tasks thaw in case of error
  • rst: make mm restore errors more verbose
  • veth: queue device unregister on veth->dellink call (PSBM-24589)
  • fuse: fix async io initialization (PSBM-24495)
  • ext4: truncate_data_csum should cleanup csum context unconditionally (PSBM-23774)
  • ploop: fix a race condition on relocation of blocks (PSBM-23905)
  • lockdep: add tain TAINT_CRAP only once
  • sunrpc: fix false positive external references print on VE stop
  • cpt: initialize UNIXCB(skb).{pid,cred} on skb restore (PCLIN-32345, PCLIN-32346)
  • fs: remove file_operations::prepare_mmap (PCLIN-32299)
  • ploop: set PLOOP_MAP_IDENTICAL bit on merge (PSBM-24408)
  • ip gre: containerize per-net devices (PSBM-24331)
  • cpt: IP GRE support rebased (PSBM-24331)
  • cpt: "stop tracker" ioctl introduced
  • ip gre: set per-net data to NULL before free on net exit (PSBM-24331)
  • IP gre: add __net_exit attribute to ipgre_exit_net callback (PSBM-24331)
  • fs: path_init(): fix empty name lookup (PCLIN-32375)
  • x86: add special MONITOR_POSTED_INTERRUPT_VECTOR (PSBM-23897)
  • e1000: fix possible reset_task running after adapter down (PSBM-23710)
  • e1000: fix lockdep warning in e1000_reset_task (PSBM-23710)
  • pid: call pid_ns_prepare_proc for the init process (PCLIN-32356, PCLIN-32372)
  • cpt: fix unix sockets creds cpt/rst
  • cpt: cpt/rst unix socket peer creds properly
  • ploop: fix spurious hole complains
  • ve: mount proc correctly with getting pidns (v2) (PSBM-24845)
  • vedev: don't remove network vedev entries in fini_ve_devices (PSBM-23497)
  • cpt: put old unix socket peer pid/cred on restore (PSBM-24845)
  • cpt: set unix skb destructor even if UNIXCB.fp == NULL (PSBM-24845)
  • mmap: do not call mmap for directories (PCLIN-32398)
  • ploop: expose open_count to sysfs (PSBM-24754)
  • LVE in VE containers
  • NFS: lookup inode if revalidation has failed (PCLIN-32369)
  • tcp: set a proper exec_env before hangling a tcp socket (PSBM-25113)
  • rst: wake unfrozen task on kill on error path (PSBM-25128)
  • rst: make mm restore errors more verbose v2
  • vzrst: Restore unix socket with credential of peer (PSBM-25014)
  • ext4: fix automatic csum calculation (PSBM-23774)

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