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Since 042stab085.20:

  • rebase to RHEL6 2.6.32-431.11.2.el6 kernel (security and bug fixes)
  • autoload netfilter modules (enabled by default) (PSBM-23615)
  • nested net namespaces support (PSBM-24124)
  • pty: fix NULL ptr dereference on ptmx_open error path (#2480, PSBM-25317, PCLIN-32013)
  • ub: inc proper failcnt in __ub_kmem_charge (PSBM-25010)
  • cpt: don't restore ipv6 addresses if ipv6 is disabled (PSBM-22795)
  • dcache: prune_dcache_popup: use RR as a last resort (PSBM-23814)
  • ub: make ub_dcache_thres_ratio global (PSBM-23815)
  • fs: do not set S_IFREG on the anon_inode (PSBM-24959)
  • fs: allow to remove swapfile hardlinks (PSBM-25310)
  • net: bc - do not account sockets created by the kernel itself (PSBM-25445, PCLIN-32387)
  • rst: do not release accounted sockets on in case of open error (PSBM-25115)
  • cpt: define socket object cpt_vfsmount_ref field (PSBM-25115)
  • cpt: handle socket dump errors (PSBM-25115)
  • cpt: cleanup frozen processes thaw and frozen print (PSBM-25069)
  • rst: fix tunnel double add to list (PSBM-24331)
  • fs: pick_peer_page: clear peer->i_peer_file on final fput (PSBM-24501)
  • rst: check NFSv4 is enabled in case of NFSv4 mount restoring (PSBM-22292)
  • rst: fix double free of a delayed context in case of kthread creation error
  • net: Save netdev statistics between suspend and resume (PSBM-22876)
  • sched: spread cputime inside ct evenly across all vcpus (PSBM-25087)
  • ub: gang_mod_user_page: inc physpages failcnt on failure (PSBM-25461)
  • ub: do not inc dcache failcnt if failed to charge kmem (PSBM-25461)
  • ms ext4: fix online resize with a non-standard blocks per group setting (#2911, PSBM-24924)
  • ms ext4: fix online resize with very large inode tables (PSBM-24924, CVE-2014-2523)
  • cpt: do not dump content of anon inode (PSBM-25541)
  • nf, autoload: Add support for ignoring blacklisted modules (PSBM-25481)
  • ploop: put top-delta back if merge failed (PSBM-25252)
  • ploop: ensure non-empty delta list on running ploop (PSBM-25102)
  • netfilter: Add {ipt,ip6t}_osf aliases for xt_osf
  • ve/net: bridge - Don't forget to init @master_dev (#2924, PSBM-24056)
  • rst: restore shared pending signals properly (PSBM-25828)
  • cpt: unix: do not overwrite cpt_sock_image argment in open_socket_pair, v2 (PSBM-25731)
  • cpt/rst: Suspend and restore with mounted ploops (PSBM-21078, PSBM-25016, PSBM-18467)
  • ploop: zero blocks on reuse (PSBM-25391)
  • fs: reduce stack usage in do_sync_write (PSBM-23683)
  • cpt: reduce stack usage (#2846)
  • sched: fix numa sched groups power calculation (PSBM-25293)
  • ploop: add ioctl to limit size of top delta (v2) (PSBM-22002)
  • Move .ve_task_info initialization to INIT_TASK() (PSBM-24809)
  • br_device: Fix dev refcnt leaks on error path (PSBM-25870)
  • cpt: use a correct pointer to write auxv data (PSBM-25957, #2846)

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