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Since 042stab090.5:

  • Rebase to RHEL6 kernel 431.20.3.el6 (security and bug fixes, see link below)
  • vzcpt: prevent ploop mounts to be dumped twice (PSBM-27525)
  • ploop: make manual abort transition verbose
  • ms quota: Fix possible oops in __dquot_initialize (PSBM-27506)
  • signal: Separate SIGNAL_GROUP_COREDUMP bit from SIGNAL_CLD_STOPPED (PSBM-27232)
  • net: fix removing/broadcasting race for bridge (PSBM-26931)
  • vzcpt: Use eprintk_ctx() arguments before they are freed
  • ext4: Add ioctl EXT4_IOC_SET_RSV_BLOCKS v2 (PSBM-25929)
  • dcache/ub: charge pseudo dentries to ub0 (PSBM-27021)
  • vmscan: don't retry shrink_slab if current is dying (PSBM-27508)
  • ve/pidns: use upid in alloc_pid (#2983)
  • vzcpt: Set bdev's block size before we use it (PSBM-27349)
  • cpt: drop DCACHE_NFSFS_RENAMED for all NFS dentries on kill (#2242)
  • cpt: alloc temporary buffer after check for task to be skipped
  • cpt: fix dead process proc file identification
  • cpt: introduce cpt.kill_external sysctl to allow killing ext processes on dump (PSBM-18620)
  • cpt: introduce CPT_TEST_VECAPS2 ioctl (PSBM-26708)
  • net: fix bridge dropping fragmented packet if conntracks are disabled (PSBM-26316)
  • ipc: msg -- Fix RMID race (PSBM-26609)
  • ext4: serialize aio_dio with fallocate (PSBM-23004)
  • net: Allow autoloading of several more modules (PSBM-26669)
  • netfilter: Add permission check in iptable_raw pernet (PSBM-27181)
  • cpt: dump packet socket attrs (PSBM-26548)
  • cpt/fsnotify: Do not keep dentry reference inside inotify_inode_mark_entry (PSBM-25507)
  • unix: Replace memcpy_* for plain data with (PSBM-24427)
  • unix: Allocate nonlinear large skbs (PSBM-24427)
  • fuse: fix writeback/release race (PSBM-26148)
  • sched: Hide steal time from inside CT (PSBM-26587)
  • sched: Return only virtual cpus in sched_getaffinity (PSBM-25367)
  • ploop: bug on bad fiemap (PSBM-26762)
  • net: netlink -- Use ifinfomsg in dumping (PSBM-26757)
  • cgroups: Add exceptions for containers only (#2915)
  • vzcpt: Dump/undump internal ploop by UUID (PSBM-26707)
  • sched: rework /proc/stat output (PSBM-26714)
  • sched: Fix sched_getaffinity() on unexisting tasks (PSBM-27200)

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