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Since 042stab108.8:

  • Rebase on 504.30.3.el6 RHEL 6.6 kernel (non-security bug fixes, see link below)
(all security fixes from new RHEL6 kernels were included into previous stable kernel 042stab108.8)
  • ploop could get stuck inside ploop_make_request() causing Node to hang (PSBM-29066, OVZ-6293, OVZ-6392)
  • Under certain network workload, Container checkpoint/restore operations could result in conntrack duplication which could prevent online migration of said Container (PSBM-32411)
  • Soft lockup in 'cgroup_kernel_close()' (PSBM-33300)
  • Kernel could crash in 'attach_task_by_pid()' when tasks exited. (PSBM-33381)
  • CPT image compatibility was broken in 042stab108.x kernels. As a result, received but nondelivered TCP packets saved into CPT image could, in certain circumstances, lose TCP flags during restore on 042stab108.x kernels. This resulted in incorrect processing of restored packets and could cause unexpected kernel warnings or lead to issues in userspace applications (PSBM-33549, OVZ-6278)
  • Fixed the reason of invalid warning "ida_remove called for id=0 which is not allocated." (PSBM-33789, OVZ-6161)
  • ploop journal could get stuck in 'block_write_full_page()' causing Node to hang. (PSBM-35095)
  • In certain circumstances, Hardware Nodes with 108.x kernels could crash. (PSBM-37612)
  • rsyslogd was not allowed to dump Container-related kernel messages inside Container. (OVZ-5774)

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