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Since 042stab112.15:

  • Rebase to RHEL6.7 2.6.32-573.8.1.el6 kernel and security fixes from 2.6.32-573.12.1.el6 kernel.
  • Unauthorized access to IPC objects with SysV shm and msg. (CVE-2015-7613)
  • Updated fix for keyrings crash triggerable by unprivileged user. (CVE-2015-7872)
  • Crash in cgroup_release_agent() after container stop. (PSBM-34262)
  • Unix socket was restored incorrectly after container resume. (PSBM-39774)
  • Kernel panic when online-migrating a container with an active conntrack expectation from Virtuozzo Containers for Linux 4.6 (RHEL5) to RHEL6-based kernels. (PSBM-40287)
  • WARNING in tty_ldisc_open() fixed (PSBM-41622)
  • ip6_dst_cache entries should be charged inside container. (PSBM-42323)
  • Introduced a per-container limit for IPv4 network interface aliases. (PSBM-42403)
  • Improvements to memory reclaimer. (PSBM-40406)
  • Crash on start of containers with the hidden PIDs feature enabled (kernel.pid_ns_hide_child=1). (OVZ-6568)
  • Improvements to Docker inside CT support.
  • Minor memory leak fixes and performance optimizations.

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