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Since 042stab113.17:

  • IPv6 link-local address was being assigned to slave interfaces in bonding which resulted in DAD and network routing issues. (PSBM-42433)
  • kswap activity needed to be restricted in case of high-order requests (PSBM-44291)
  • Force charge swapin readahead pages if in ub0. (PSBM-44857)
  • Missing bounds check in ipt_entry structure in netfilter. (PSBM-45193, CVE-2016-3134)
  • IPv6 connect could cause DoS via NULL pointer dereference (PSBM-45219, CVE-2015-8543)
  • Pipe buffer state corruption after unsuccessful atomic read from pipe (PSBM-45328, CVE-2016-0774)
  • hostapd was broken in early RHEL6.7 kernels. (OVZ-6649)

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