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Since version 1.10

New functionality and important changes

  • support for 4K sector size (including GPT conversion)
  • ploop replace
  • temp snapshots support (ploop tsnapshot, ploop_create_temporary_snapshot())
  • ploop copy: implement fdatasync before freeze (improves CT frozen time)
  • New DiskDescriptor.xml read API (ploop_*_dd())
  • Obsolete *_diskdescriptor() calls
  • Obsolete ploop_get_base_delta_uuid()
  • ploop_log(): implement subsecond timestamps (with verbosity >= 4)
  • add ploop_is_mounted()
  • ploop snapshot-list: add snapshot mode (-s)
  • ploop check dd.xml: add -u UUID option
  • ploop mount: remove -u base feature
  • ploop tool: add -v option to set verbosity


  • skip max fs size check on snapshot delta creation
  • ploop_resize_image: resize up to end of device
  • ploop_delete_top_delta(): fix wrt top_guid
  • ploop_read_diskdescriptor(): fix get_basedir() len argument
  • check_and_repair_sparse: handle EOF properly (#2897)
  • ploop_resize_image: add missing gpt size sync
  • ploop snapshot-merge/delete: deny snapshot deleting if mounted (#2887)
  • grow_lower_delta(): fix a memory leak
  • ploop check: fix -b option parsing
  • get_partition_device_name(): fix chmod argument
  • fix alignment on GPT partition resize
  • fix GPT partition alignment on ploop init


  • ploop_resize_image: enhanced inflate balloon to max size logic
  • tools: add {} to specified UUID if necessary
  • check_and_repair_sparse(): log filefrag output
  • print_sys_block_ploop(): speed up
  • ploop check: try to repair non-top deltas if they can be opened r/w
  • e2fsck: return fsck exit code to caller
  • make_fs(): add -i to mkfs
  • fsync_safe(): use SYSEXIT_FSYNC
  • Fix uuid strings size, use define


  • ploop snapshot-list: fix and update usage
  • ploop copy: fix usage
  • ploop(8): document snapshot-list -s option
  • ploop(8): document ploop replace

Build system

  • fix dpkg-architecture handling (#2877)
  • Makefile: add ability to add local rules
  • better usage and error diag
  • add run mode

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for ploop-1.11.


OpenVZ project would like to thank the following people who contributed patches and/or provided bug reports for this ploop release (in no particular order):

  • Andrei Vinogradov
  • Mike Fedyk
  • Pavel Odintsov