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Since version 1.12.1


  • ploop balloon discard: fix wrt 042stab10x kernel (#3156)
  • ploop_merge_snapshot_by_guid: fix offline merge with raw base image
  • reread_part(): repeat ioctl if EBUSY (#3081)


  • check_mount_restrictions(): check for all images
  • ploop check dd.xml: lock dd
  • ploop check dd.xml: skip check if ploop is used
  • check_deltas(): read-only check for non-top deltas

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for ploop-1.12.2.


OpenVZ project would like to thank the following people who contributed patches and/or provided bug reports for this ploop release (in no particular order):

  • Sergei Mamonov
  • poiuty