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Since version 1.14.1:

New functionality and API changes

  • ploop defragmentation support using e4defrag2
(needs to be installed separately, see
  • mount_image: return SYSEXIT_NOSNAP error
  • Add ploop_get_base_delta_fname()
  • Allow to create image > 16TB (without filesystem inside)


  • Fix resizing image mounted inside mnt namespace
  • ploop_get_devs: fix NULL pointer dereference
  • copy_delta(): avoid double-free
  • fix infinite loop in ploop balloon discard
  • Fix compile with gcc-5.3.0
  • ploop_mount_fs: don't mount ro when finding balloon inode
(fixes mount in an MS_SLAVE mount namespace)
  • Remove temp mount point after ploop resize
  • Repair DiskDescriptot.xml on process PLOOP_MNTN_MERGE stage


  • make_fs(): drop lazy_journal_init
  • scripts/umount.ploop: rm unused var
  • do_delete_snapshot(): don't use PLOOP_MERGE_WITH_CHILD
  • ploop_merge_snapshot_by_guid(): remove merge_mode
  • balloon.c: no need to include libgen.h
  • defrag_complete: fix a typo
  • defrag_complete(): report errors
  • defrag_complete(): check for cmdline
  • defrag_complete(): report stale pidfile
  • busybox sed compatibility
  • musl (Alpine Linux) compile fixes
  • mount_image(): kill flags argument
  • do_mntn_merge(): fix the check for same file
  • find_image_idx_by_file: get_basedir() only if needed
  • discard/defrag: take into account image size change caused by defrag


  • ploop balloon discard: document --defrag
  • ploop(8): document --defrag

Build system

  • fix a typo

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for ploop-1.15.