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Since 1.1:

  • Added ploop_get_dev() function
  • Added ploop_set_component_name() function
  • Fix: do not clear in-use flag in ploop_fsck()
  • ploop-fsck: add -d flag to forcefully drop "in use" image flag
  • Fixed handling blocksize for raw images
  • Added user_xattr,acl to default mount options
  • ploop_mount(): added ability to pass MS_NOATIME flag
  • ploop-balloon: add discard command to compact ploop image
  • ploop_get_info(): return old info in case statfs() failed
  • expanded2preallocated(): if fallocate not supported, use ftruncate
  • ploop_resize_image(): Check is it possible to fallocate before inflating balloon file
  • Fixed merging all snapshots
  • Some fixes in ploop tool usage
  • Some log message fixes
  • Add function, source file and line number to error messages if DEBUG is set
  • Build system fixes/improvements

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for ploop-1.2.