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Since 1.2:

New functionality

  • ploop copy is working now (#2252)
  • added pcopy's send_process() and receive_process() to lib
  • ploop mount: added -c <component_name> option
  • ploop(8): added (still incomplete)
  • ploop balloon discard: add --to-free and --min-block
  • add Preallocated item to DiskDescriptor.xml
  • add ploop_get_mnt_by_dev() to library

Bug fixes

  • fixed offline snapshot creation
  • fixed race between register/unregister_ploop_dev()
  • create image: if fallocate is not supported, fail
  • ploop init, ploop mount: fix -b option value validation
  • ploop mount: fix usage, -d is optional
  • ploop info: fix usage, DiskDescriptor.xml is required
  • ploop.spec: make main package require -lib of the same version
  • fixed a few ioctl-related error messages
  • ploop_create_snapshot(): check for number of snapshots limit (127)
  • ploop.spec: do not own _libdir
  • fix SYSEXIT_PARAM value
  • tools/ploop.c: do not use ploop_err()
  • tools: fixed/improved usage for many commands
  • tools: do not forget to print newlines
  • make install: use /usr/lib64 LIBDIR for x86_64
  • ploop_create_image(): free disk descriptor if fstype is NULL
  • create_balloon_file(): fix file name in error message
  • create_balloon_file(): umount and remove temp mnt point
  • create_balloon_file(): fix error message and return code
  • parse_xml(): add Blocksize validation

Improvements and cleanups

  • ploop lib: add visibility=hidden for internal functions
  • tools: use parse_size() and is_xml_name() where possible
  • remove merge_top_only param of get_delta_info()
  • ploop balloon: make it accept either -m or -d or both
  • ploop convert: change -t to -f
  • tools: unify parsing -f option
  • various code and headers cleanups
  • add -v, -b, -i

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for ploop-1.3.