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Since version 1.6

New functionality

  • Large ploop image format support
    • Now image size limit is 64 TB (was 2TB)
    • Testing kernel >= 042stab078 is required
  • Move ploop_grow* functions from tools to lib
  • ploop grow: add DiskDescriptor.xml support
  • ploop init, ploop_create_image(): add FS blocksize parameter


  • make_fs(): create ext4fs with lazy_itable_init
    • 3x smaller size and 3x faster creation time for 20GB image
  • lib/ploop.h: "unexport" some internal functions
  • Use /proc/self/mountinfo to get mount point by device
  • More clear errors on parsing DiskDescriptor.xml
  • print_output(): generalize print_lsof(), improve
  • add_delta(): print more diags if EBUSY
  • extend_delta_array(): print errors, return SYSEXIT_*
  • run_prg(): print error if execvp() failed
  • lib/balloon.c: print file name in an error message
  • Introduce and use p_memalign(), fix errno handling
  • Improvements and fixes to ploop_grow_*() to be used from library
  • ploop_read_disk_descr(): set *di to NULL in case of error
  • ploop_find_dev(): always assume ploop cookie is supported
  • resize_fs(): try harder to find resize2fs binary
  • ability to add CFLAGS


  • lib/lock.c: create_file(): make sure dir exists (#2493, #2597)
  • lib/fsutils.c: use ploop_execvp, drop absolute paths to binaries (#2595)
  • ploop_log(): fix loglevel checking for file logging
  • ploop_snapshot_switch_param: guids are const
  • Recreate ploopXpY devices on ploop mount
  • ploop_find_dev(): treat ENODEV as ENOENT on /sys reads
  • use basename() to strip device from path
  • ploop list: check for extra arguments
  • ploop balloon: fix -f option processing
  • Fixed lots of memory leaks, mostly on error paths
  • open_delta(): simplify error handling
  • Fixes for other issues big and small, reported by Coverity

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for ploop-1.7.


OpenVZ project would like to thank the following people who contributed patches and/or provided bug reports for this ploop release (in no particular order):

  • Thomas Lucke
  • Kalin Bogatzevski