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  • second level quota fix
  • ioctl's change due to kernel change
  • bug fixes
  • man page fixes


  • vzkernel >= 2.6.8-022stab029.1

Detailed changes


  • added quotaon -aug to 2level quota action script
  • minor spelling fixes in output and man pages
  • added aquota.{user|group} link creation in case /proc/vz/vzaquota/cur/aquota.{user|group} exists
  • fixed installation
  • added callback support in vps_start
  • enable vpsreboot cron script
  • fixed 2level quota setup under gentoo, slackware
  • give access for /dev/simfs on quotaugidlimit setup
  • added libvzctl-simfs
  • changed default template to fedora-core-4
  • fixed compilation with vzkernel-headers-2.6.8-22stab029
  • fixed arp update in case of more than one IP address per VPS
  • fixed VPS network setup under gentoo
  • fixed exec VPSID action
  • man page fixes

vz initscript:

  • /dev/vzctl is created on OpenVZ start now
  • added venet0 interface setup on vz start