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  • Fixes for Gentoo VPSs.
  • Fixed compilation against old kernels.


  • In order to use networking in a Gentoo VPS, the VPS needs latest baselayout or baselayout-vserver installed. See OpenVZ Bug #110 and Gentoo bug #125786 for details.
  • To use ipt_REDIRECT inside a VPS, you need a recent kernel (>=022stab072 or >=026stabNNN).

Detailed changes

  • cron scripts do nothing if VZ is not loaded (OpenVZ Bug #107)
  • put_param3() can incorrectly set $name=( "" ) (OpenVZ Bug #111). Affects gentoo VPSs. Thanks to Jason Stubbs <>
  • fixed compilation against old kernels (<= 022stab070)
  • description of set parameter suffixes (K, M, G, P) added to vzctl.8 man page (OpenVZ Bug #105)
  • added ipt_REDIRECT support, thanks to Jason Stubbs <>