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  • Added veth support
  • bash completion script
  • PPC64 support
  • a lot of bugfixes

Detailed changes

  • vzctl start: added --wait cmdline option
  • added vznetcfg script for veth setup
  • fixed error message in case kernel compiled without USER_RESOURCES
  • added '--applyconfig_map name' vzctl set option
  • changed friendly name data structure
  • fixed vzmigrate to support VE name feature (OpenVZ Bug #239)
  • fixed annoying arp warning (OpenVZ Bug #189)
  • added bash completion script (OpenVZ Bug #212)
  • added check to vzmigrate if OpenVZ is run on another side (OpenVZ Bug #163)
  • removed debian directory from the tarball (bugs #197, #194)
  • removed LICVIEW from /etc/init.d/vz (OpenVZ Bug #237)
  • fixed misprints and /dev/nul(l) usage in dist scripts (OpenVZ Bug #228)
  • fixed vzmigrate to work with different awk flavors (OpenVZ Bug #231)
  • years in copyright fixed (OpenVZ Bug #232)
  • increased some UBCs in ve-light.conf-sample (OpenVZ Bug #234)
  • fixed some minor memory leaks while doing realloc()
  • vzctl destroy: remove VE names on destroy (OpenVZ Bug #236)
  • added --name option description to vzctl(8) man page (OpenVZ Bug #232)
  • merged libvzctl-simfs and libvzctl into a single libvzctl
  • vzlist: replaced sprintf() with snprintf() to avoid buffer overflows
  • vzctl enter: forward error messages from child process
  • vzctl enter: fix off-by-one error which resulted in uninitialized PATH
  • arpsend: fixed segfault when parsing long options
  • vzlist: fixed cast from pointer to integer of different size warnings
  • vzctl enter: exit with correct error code on enter fail (OpenVZ Bug #245)
  • added udev rules for /dev/vzctl (OpenVZ Bug #204)
  • added syscall numbers for powerpc
  • /etc/init.d/vz: check for /dev/vzctl only after modprobe (OpenVZ Bug #204)
  • fixed ppc64 compilation
  • removed distro-specific stuff from 'make install' (OpenVZ Bug #254)
  • added 'make install-gentoo' and Gentoo init.d/vz script (OpenVZ Bug #262)
  • fixed arpsend options parsing for some compilers (OpenVZ Bug #261)
  • man pages cleanup (VPS->VE, etc.)
  • changed all utilities and man pages to refer to VE not VPS
  • vzcpucheck: give error if VE0 CPU units not set (OpenVZ Bug #249)

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for vzctl-3.0.12-1.