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New features

  • vzctl set: add cpu bindings (--cpumask)
  • etc/conf: add vswap configs (blog)
  • etc/init.d/vz*: switch default CT config to vswap if supported
  • vzctl set --pci*: use newer kernel API
  • etc/vz.conf: enable IPv6 by default (#651)


  • vzctl start: do not start half-configured environment (#1732)
  • vzctl restore: support both old and new kernel lockfd api (#1732)
  • vzctl restore: better error handling from CPT_UNDUMP (#1561)
  • vzifup-post: fix device for proxy arp (#1587)
  • vzmemcheck: only account for running containers (#1757)
  • vznetaddbr: fix interface initialization (#1617)
  • vzlist: fix sorting for some fields
  • vzctl create: exit with error if default CT config not found
  • vzctl set --dev*: return proper error
  • debian-{add,del} fix IPv6 wrt 2.6.32 kernel (#1669)
  • debian-{add,del} get rid of venet if no IP configured (#1596)


  • vzctl create: warn if default sample is not to be used
  • vzmemcheck: fix header to show ctid not veid
  • vzmemcheck: fix output formatting
  • bash_completion: for chkpnt, show running CTs only
  • bash-completion: for restore, show suspended CTs only
  • etc/conf/*conf-sample*: remove arch-specific entries
  • veth: added hint to load vzethdev kernel module
  • etc/dists/scripts/debian-* remove hardcoded names
  • build system: fix generated files' perms


  • man/vzctl.8: document "can not set devices" exit code
  • man/vzlist.8: improve the description of -S option
  • man/vz.conf.5: misc fixes

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for vzctl-3.0.26.


  • VSwap is only supported by RHEL6 kernels
  • cpumask is only supported by RHEL6 kernels and RHEL5 kernels >= 028stab084.1
  • pci_add/del is only supported by RHEL6 kernels >= 042test005.1


OpenVZ project would like to thank the following people who contributed patches and/or provided bugreports for this vzctl release (in no particular order):

  • Olena Vasilkova
  • Michael Fincham
  • Pete de Zwart
  • Peter Volkov
  • Vladimir Davydov
  • Vyacheslav Nikitin
  • Andrew Moore
  • Alexander Prinsier
  • Jakub Jankowski
  • Olga Sivoronova
  • Paparaciz
  • frank