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Since 3.3:

New features

  • Ability to work with non-openvz kernel (experimental, see vzctl for upstream kernel)
  • vzlist: add JSON output format (--json flag)
  • vzctl compact: implement (to compact ploop image)
  • vzctl snapshot: store/restore CT config on snapshot create/switch
  • vzctl set: add --mount_opts to set mount options for ploop
  • Implement dynamic loading of ploop library
  • Implement ability to build w/o ploop headers (./configure --without-ploop)
  • Split into vzctl-core and vzctl packages, removed vzctl-lib
  • Scripts moved from /usr/lib[64]/vzctl/scripts to /usr/libexec/vzctl
  • Added dists/scripts support for Alpine Linux


  • create /etc/resolv.conf with correct owner and perms (#2290)
  • vzctl --help: add snapshot* and compact commands
  • vzctl set --capability: improve cap setting code, eliminate kernel warning
  • vzctl set --quotaugidlimit: fix working for ploop after restart
  • vzctl start|enter|exec: eliminate race condition when checking CT's /sbin/init
  • vzlist, vzctl set --save: avoid extra delimiter in features list
  • vzlist: return default to always print CTID (use -n for names) (#2308)
  • vzmigrate: fix for offline migration of ploop CT (#2316, #2356)
  • vzctl.spec: add wget requirement (for vps-download)
  • osrelease.conf: add ubuntu-12.04 (#2343)
  • init.d/vz-redhat: fix errorneous lockfile removal (#2342)
  • do not set default route on venet0 when no IPs (#1941)
  • fixed for /etc/rc.conf case (#2367)
  • arch-{add,del} updated to deal with new Arch netcfg (#2280)
  • check if file exists before setting fattr (#2363)
  • on an x86_64, install libraries to lib64
  • Build system: fix massively parallel build (e.g. make -j88)


  • init.d/vz*: stop CTs in the in the reverse order of start (#2330)
  • init.d/vz-redhat: add /vz to PRUNEPATHS in /etc/updatedb.conf
  • bash-completion: add remote completion for --ostemplate
  • bash_completion: complete ploop commands only if supported by the kernel
  • vzctl: call set_personality32() for 32-bit CTs on all architectures
  • vzctl console: speed up by using buffering
  • vzctl chkpnt: fsync dump file
  • vzctl mount,destroy,snapshot-list: error out for too many arguments
  • vzctl set --diskinodes: warn it's ignored on ploop
  • vzctl set --hostname: put ::1 below in CT's /etc/hosts (#2290)
  • vzctl set: remove --noatime (obsolete now when relatime is used)
  • vzctl snapshot: added check for snapshot guid dup
  • vzctl snapshot-delete: fix error code
  • vzctl start/stop: print error for non-applicable options
  • vzctl status: do not show 'mounted' if stat() on root/private fails
  • vzctl status: do not show 'suspended' for running container
  • vzctl stop: various minor improvements
  • vzlist: add the following new fields: nameserver, searchdomain, vswap, disabled, origin_sample, mount_opts
  • vzlist, vzctl status: speed up querying mounted status
  • vzlist: faster ploop diskspace info for unmounted case
  • vzmigrate: rename --online to --live
  • vzmigrate: do not use pv unless -v is specified
  • vzmigrate: do not lose ACLs and XATTRS (#2056)
  • vzmigrate: dump/restore first-level quota
  • switch to new ploop_read_disk_descr()
  • is_ploop_supported(): reimplement using /proc/vz/ploop_minor
  • Code refactoring, moving vz- and upstream-specific stuff to hooks_{vz,ct}.c
  • Various code cleanups and other minor fixes

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for vzctl-4.0.


OpenVZ project would like to thank the following people who contributed patches and/or provided bug reports for this vzctl release (in no particular order):

  • Glauber Costa
  • solar
  • Egor Vyscrebentsov
  • Roman Kagan
  • Daniel Robbins
  • mailinator
  • Pavel Odintsov
  • Paparaciz
  • jon
  • Vasily Kulikov
  • William Pitcock
  • Barmaley
  • Kalin Bogatzevski