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Since 4.2:

New functionality

  • vzctl enter/exec now works for upstream kernel 3.8+
  • vzctl snapshot-[u]mount
  • user namespace support for upstream kernel 3.9+
  • vzctl suspend/resume: support upstream 3.x kernel via CRIU (
  • vzmigrate: add compatibility pre-checks for CPT version and CPU flags (#2461)
  • Add vzstats dependency to rpm package


  • vzctl: introduce cleanup handler mechanism, use for ploop, scripts etc.
  • vzctl start: add pre-start dist script
  • vzctl start: remove dumpfile on successful start
  • vzmigrate: add -o BatchMode=yes to SSH_OPTIONS
  • vzctl console: recognize ESC as a first character
  • add vzctl itself to OOM group configuration
  • bash-completion: add vzctl snapshot-list options
  • bash-completion: add vzctl snapshot-* --id/--uuid argument
  • vzctl set --reset_ub: make exclusive
  • vzctl set: on fail don't warn about missing --save
  • etc/init.d/vz*: try to run vzstats
  • vzmigrate: add --check-only (aka --dry-run)
  • Move container private area check after executing premount scripts


  • vzctl snapshot-list -o desc,device: fix width
  • vzmigrate: fix ploop-based CT migration wrt symlinks (#2475)
  • vzmigrate: improve a few log messages
  • vzmigrate: fix and optimize IP address checks
  • vzmigrate: fix checking rsync/vzctl exit code
  • vps_destroy_dir(): don't call quota on ploop CT
  • remove a bogus warning in no IPs case
  • src/lib/cpt.c:restore_fn(): log errno
  • Many (about 40) fixes here and there, found by Coverity
  • destroydir(): log errno
  • vzctl set 0 ... --force: don't SEGV on non-ovz kernel
  • vzctl set --force: require --save
  • vzctl set --diskspace: require --save for ploop
  • vps-download: fix config file in --config output
  • vzlist -o vswap: fix
  • vzctl start: fix ub limits setting for upstream containers
  • vzctl restore: don't run action scripts
  • Fix checking vps_is_mounted() return value (#2534)
  • Remove more traces of noatime flag


  • vzcptcheck(8): added
  • vzctl(8): note vzctl set --name requires --save
  • vzctl(8): improve --setmode description
  • vzctl(8): fix and improve description of set --userpasswd
  • vzctl(8): document snapshot-mount, snapshot-umount
  • vzctl(8): document --local-gid, local-uid
  • distribution.conf-template: document PRE_START
  • other fixes and improvements

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for vzctl-4.3.


OpenVZ project would like to thank the following people who contributed patches and/or provided bug reports for this vzctl release (in no particular order):

  • Glauber Costa
  • Andrey Vagin
  • Igor Podlesny
  • Simon Boulet
  • Roman Haefeli
  • Paparaciz
  • Nick Knutov
  • Konstantin Pavlov
  • Kalin Bogatzevski