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Since 4.6.1:

New functionality and other important changes

  • Disable conntrack for VE0 by default (#2755)
  • vzctl set --diskspace: add --offline-resize (#2281)
  • vzctl create: use ploop by default
  • vzctl create, vzctl convert: honor diskinodes for ploop (#2898)
  • vzctl create: add --diskinodes
  • vzctl set: new option --netfilter to replace --iptables
  • vzmigrate: support for copying CT dump file
  • vzmigrate: introduce/use vzfsync for ploop (to shorten CT freeze time)
  • bash-completion: CTIDs on ploop for compact
  • vzctl create: honor MOUNT_OPTS
  • vzctl console: add set_console dist script (#2865)
  • vzctl snapshot-switch: add --skip_arpdetect option
  • vzctl snapshot-switch: add --skip-resume, --skip-config
  • vzctl set --diskinodes, DISKINODES: allow suffixes (KMG)
  • vzpid: new option "-p" to show in-container PID(s)
  • etc/vz.conf: add SKIP_ARPDETECT example
  • etc/vz.conf: use ploop by default
  • etc/vz.conf: use vswap config by default
  • etc/vz.conf: merge IP6TABLES to IPTABLES_MODULES


  • vzctl destroy: fix locking (#2814)
  • setup loopback device at least (#2859)
  • vzctl start --wait: fix for non-standard Debian 7
  • add Fedora 20+
  • set file caps for suse 13.1+
  • vzmigrate: fix ploop for diff VE_PRIVATE case (#2875)
  • vzmigrate: hide ploop getdev output
  • vzctl status, snapshot-list: don't mess with stdout even when verbose
  • vzlist: don't spoil output with ploop messages
  • logger.c: fix wrt ploop logging
  • etc/network/if-up.d/vzifup-post: fix for Debian Wheezy (#2914)
  • hooks_ct.c: bind-mount root to itself (fix for kernel v3.11+)
  • hooks_ct: mount /proc and /sys before umounting old root
  • bash_completion: replace exit with return
  • bash_completion: add --quiet to vzctl
  • vzmigrate: call vzctl status with --quiet
  • vzcptcheck: fix program name in usage


  • add_reach_runlevel_mark(): improve error messages
  • set(): don't ignore fail from fill_vswap_ub()
  • vzctl restore: warn in CPT_SET_LOCKFD2 not supported
  • config.c: add SKIP_ARPDETECT to ignored list
  • vzmigrate: lock CT locally
  • vzmigrate --live: check for running CT earlier
  • destroy_dump(): don't log "Removing" if no dump
  • etc/conf/*sample: tune DISKINODES for ploop diskspace/diskinodes ratio
  • etc/conf/ve-unlimited.conf-sample: remove
  • hooks_ct: remove non-working devpts mount
  • hooks_ct: mount devtmpfs in CT
  • ct_chroot(): do not change a set of CT0's mounts
  • parse_netif_str(): improve NETIF= param parsing
  • setup_hardlink_dir(): show error if mkdir() failed


  • vzctl(8): document MAX_VEID (#2784)
  • vzctl --help: fix convert synopsys

Build system

  • rework buildid
  • make it work on fresh git source
  •, fix build from screwed git repo
  • vzctl.spec: require bridge-utils (as we use brctl)

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for vzctl-4.7.


OpenVZ project would like to thank the following people who contributed patches and/or provided bug reports for this vzctl release (in no particular order):

  • Sean Fulton
  • Igor Podlesnyi
  • Mike Fedyk
  • Pavel Odintsov
  • Donatas Abraitis
  • reduzent
  • Oskar Groh
  • Dietmar Maurer