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<translate> If you want to talk to the OpenVZ users and sometimes developers live, we can usually be found on the #openvz channel on

Some simple rules[edit]

  • Please note that this is a volunteer service, so be polite - you won't get much help if being rude.
  • Please do a research before asking questions. Search this wiki, the mailing lists and forum for questions that were asked in the past.
  • Also remember that the level of activity varies, so if you don't get help at once, stay online for a while. People will answer if they can, or ask for more details if they need it. Repeating the same question again and again won't help.
  • Don't send private messages to people unless they have asked you to — it's considered rude.
  • Chances are that people had the same challenges as you at one time — so following the above points will ensure a good experience, both for you and for us.


Click here to connect with an IRC client (requires IRC client installed).

Many users of the freenode IRC network have since moved to the network, so see #openvz there also.

To connect with an IRC client, you need one installed. Here are our IRC client recommendations:

IRC logs[edit]

It is possible to find all conversation in the past. IRC logs are saved using You will never miss an interesting discussion :) </translate>