Install kernel from RPM on Debian 6.0

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You can use the latest RHEL6-based kernel builds on your Debian 6.0 machine. Here's how.

Warning.svg Warning: While it works, the best way is to use native kernel/tools builds for Wheezy, please see Installation on Debian.


1. Get the latest kernel and utils from Download/kernel/rhel6 (or Download/kernel/rhel6-testing) and Download/utils. You need

  • vzkernel
  • vzkernel-devel
  • vzctl-core
  • vzctl
  • ploop-lib
  • ploop
  • vzquota

vzkernel-devel is optional.

2. Install fakeroot and alien.

apt-get install fakeroot alien

3. Convert all the RPMs to debs using alien.

fakeroot alien --to-deb --scripts --keep-version vz*.rpm ploop*.rpm

4. Install debs.

dpkg -i vz*.deb ploop*.deb

If you're having problem about overwriting files from other packages, try adding --force-overwrite option.

5. Modify /boot/grub/menu.lst. See “configuring the bootloader” of Quick installation.

6. Edit /etc/sysctl.conf. See “sysctl” of Quick installation.

7. Make OpenVZ boot automatically.

update-rc.d vz defaults
update-rc.d vzeventd defaults

8. Reboot.


9. Follow the Quick installation from “installing OS template caches”.

10. See also Common Networking HOWTOs.