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OpenVZ/Virtuozzo 7 kernel TODO list[edit]

bug id task complexity potential/willing assignee comments
virtualize time inside a CT medium
virtualize AUDIT hard it works on the host, make it working inside Containers as well
OVZ-5736 ipset netfilter extension support easy requested by Nick Knutov email link
OVZ-2920 fix GFS2 ? initially it was reported for 2.6.32-x kernels, but makes sense to check on Virtuozzo 7 now
OVZ-6573 immutable attr support easy need to distinguish ploop and simfs and allow managing immutable attr inside a CT for ploop case only
email flashcache compilation easy 2.6.32-x kernel only: flashcache 2.x compilation gets broken. Need to fix. Check flashcache 3.x compilation issues. Note: if you use Virtuozzo 7, use bcache, not flashcache.
OVZ-6659 iptables ipt_owner module support inside a Container medium Basic idea is trivial: rework existing attempt and apply. Next step: check the performance of the solution and rework if needed. And the last step: push to mainstream.
PSBM-45634 add apparmor support inside a Container medium