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Now, instead of having a single stable and a single development branch, there are several from each category. So, the directory structure of (and was changed appropriately.


The following branches are available from

  • Development, maintained branches (will eventually reach the stable status):

Each branch[edit]

In each kernel branch directory (e. g. kernel/branches/2.6.18) there is a 'current' symlink, pointing to the latest/newest kernel from this branch. In addition, if this branch is considered stable, there is a 'stable' symlink pointing to the same kernel.

Stable/devel symlinks[edit]

In addition, the top level directory (e.g. kernel/) have the following symlinks for your convenience, pointing to the latest kernels in the appropriate branch:

  • stable-2.6.18-rhel5 -> branches/rhel5-2.6.18/stable
  • stable-2.6.18 -> branches/2.6.18/stable
  • stable-2.6.9-rhel4 -> branches/rhel4-2.6.9/
  • stable-2.6.8 -> branches/2.6.8/stable
  • latest-2.6.20 -> branches/2.6.20/current
  • latest-2.6.18 -> branches/2.6.18/current
  • latest-2.6.16 -> branches/2.6.16/current
  • latest-2.6.15 -> branches/2.6.15/current

Backward-compatible symlinks[edit]

Also, a few symlinks are provided in order to try to maintain backward compatibility with the old directory structure:

  • debian -> branches/debian
  • devel -> branches/2.6.20
  • fc5 -> branches/fc5
  • rhel5 -> branches/rhel5-2.6.18/
  • suse10 -> branches/sles10-2.6.16/