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LibCT is a containers management library which provides convenient API for frontend programs to rule a container during its whole lifetime.

Project resources[edit]

The source code is on GitHub.

To participate in LibCT development please subscribe to the mailing list: List info | List archives | Subscribe | Unsubscribe



Development status[edit]

Status Feature
DONE C/C++ bindings (for Parallels SDK)
DONE Python bindings (for OpenStack)
DONE Fine grained support for namespaces and cgroups
+/- Extendable support for different private FS
+/- Extendable support for different NICs
DONE Support for external bind mounts
DONE Ability to enter a CT
+/- Ability to configure running CT
- Integration with CRIU for checkpointing
- Integration with CRIU for migration
- Ability to operate on remote host
- Ability to be used by non-root App
- Ability to resurrect after sudden App crash
- Ability to work on OpenVZ kernel (backend)
- Ability to run libct supporting tools on older (OpenVZ) kernels (depends on above)
+/- Integration with Docker libcontainer to give any container system implementing the ability to deploy docker packages
- Backend for Solaris Zones and probably Virtuozzo Windows Containers

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