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OpenVZ will have a exhibit space at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, which will be held 6 to 9 August 2007 in San Francisco, California.

This page serves as a hub for ideas about what we gonna do at our booth and beyond, as well as a plan.


Community participation[edit]

Free hand-outs[edit]

  • live CDs + install DVDs
  • OpenVZ brochure

Timed events[edit]

  • Quiz with OpenVZ T-shirts for winners (e.g. two times a day at a predefined time)


Either on request or at predefined times

  • OpenVZ live demo, including migration (see demo scripts) -- on a few notebooks/workstations
  • OpenVZ on Xen demo
  • OpenVZ on VMware/Parallels demo


We seek for and hire kernel hackers to participate in OpenVZ development.


A few t-shirts will be printed for the crew and probably for the quiz as well. Design is here: [1]


The following people are gonna be at the booth:

  • Kir Kolyshkin, OpenVZ project manager, t-shirt: L.
  • Konstantin Khorenko, OpenVZ kernel team member, t-shirt: L.
  • Scott Dowdle, BozemanLUG (Bozeman, Montana), t-shirt: XXL.
  • Warren Sanders, BillingsLUG (Billings, Montana), t-shirt: L.
  • Marc Perkel

If you wanna join and be a part of OpenVZ crew at the event -- it's probably too late.


This table lists who is on-duty for the OpenVZ booth at given times. Those are minimally required times; feel free to spend more time at the booth.

When/Who Kir Kostya Scott Warren Marc
Tuesday, 7th, 9am to 1pm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tuesday, 7th, 1pm to 5pm Yes Yes Yes/No . .
Wednesday, 8th, 10am to 1:30pm
. Yes Yes Yes/No
Wednesday, 8th, 1:30pm to 5pm . Yes Yes Yes/No .
Thursday, 9th, 10am to 1pm Yes/No . . Yes Yes
Thursday, 9th, 1pm to 4 pm Yes Yes/No . . Yes

QA — Wednesday 11am to 12am Kir is on the Ask Experts Q&A area.

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