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This page lists all individual OpenVZ man pages for viewing online. Those are the same pages as you get my running e.g. man vzctl in a terminal.

Yellowpin.svg Note: For all-in-on document for printing of viewing, get man-pages.pdf (121 KB)
Name Description
vzctl(8) perform various operations on an OpenVZ container
vzlist(8) show various information about containers
vzcpucheck(8) show information about the CPU power and utilization
vzmemcheck(8) show information about host memory parameters
vzcfgvalidate(8) validate a container configuration file
vzcalc(8) calculate resource usage of a container
vzsplit(8) generate a sample container configuration file
vzubc(8) show User Beancounters in a human-readable format
vzmigrate(8) migrate a container between two OpenVZ servers
vzcptcheck(8) show/test CPT properties
vzfsync(8) perform fsync/fdatasync/fadvise on files
vznnc(8) run a program connected to a socket
vztmpl-dl(8) download/list/update OpenVZ templates
arpsend(8) send ARP requests
ndsend(8) send a Neighbor Advertisement NDP packet
vzpid(8) display the CT ID given the process ID
vzifup-post(8) add containers' ARP records to an interface
vzeventd(8) the OpenVZ events daemon
ploop(8) ploop device management utility
vzdqcheck(8) count disk usage
vzdqdump(8) dump, load user/group quotas
vzquota(8) manipulate containers disk quotas
vzstats(8) report OpenVZ usage statistics
vz.conf(5) global OpenVZ configuration file
ctid.conf(5) configuration file for an OpenVZ container