NFS doesn't work

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Often NFS in container does not work because of misconfiguration. This article contains known reasons of such problems as well as solutions for those.

Mount hangs[edit]


mount command hangs or takes a very long time to complete:

# mount <ip address>:/pub /data
(...hangs here...)


  • Lockd is not running on the NFS server
  • Portmap (older) or rpcbind (newer) is not running on the NFS client
  • Networking is broken (e.g. scripts brought up default route but not IP address yet)


Two options are possible:

  • run lockd on the server
  • mount with nolock option


Permission denied after mount[edit]


After a successful mount it is not possible to enter the mounted directory.

Reasons and Solution[edit]

  • Possible the wrong authentification method for NFS is used. Try to add the mount option sec=sys to use the system mount option [1]