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[] The Current State of Open Source Virtualization[edit]

Let’s have a look at the players on the Operating System Level virtualisation are, an identical copy of one kernel providing a secured container where user space programs can run.


Its advantage of being a lightweight solution that can scale easily to hundreds of machines with no significant penalty is also its biggest disadvantage - what if something goes wrong with that kernel? Other approaches such as Xen and KVM allow you to run different kernels , or even different operating systems, which of course requires much more memory for each instance.

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--Kir 11:25, 4 April 2008 (EDT)

[SearchEnterpriseLinux] OpenVZ virtualization runs on Ubuntu 7.10[edit]

The OpenVZ Project has released a version of Ubuntu 7.10 preconfigured with its open source operating system virtualization software. Now users can download an Ubuntu software template from OpenVZ and set up Ubuntu OpenVZ virtual machines (VMs) on top of an existing Linux system.

The new Ubuntu offering brings free and easy-to-deploy open source virtualization to Ubuntu users. «We think it is a really easy way for people to deploy Ubuntu,» said Gerry Carr, the marketing manager of Canonical Ltd., the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu.

A principal goal of the OpenVZ initiative is to further integrate into Ubuntu and eventually become part of Linux mainstream kernel, said Kir Kolyshkin, the manager of the Moscow-based OpenVZ project. «We hope that the next version of Ubuntu will have OpenVZ built in [to the mainstream Linux kernel]» said Kolyshkin.

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