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Warning.svg Warning: At this moment we don't have plans to support vanilla Linux kernel. Actual status is in OpenVZ Jira

This article describes using OpenVZ tool prlctl as an alternative to LXC tools.

It is currently possible to create, start and stop a container with the same steps as one would use for a normal OpenVZ container. Other features may be present with limited functionality, while some are not present at all. We appreciate all bug reports, please file to bug tracker.

Running prlctl on upstream kernels is considered an experimental feature. See #Limitations below.


  • partition with /vz mount point
  • ext4 filesystem recommended


First, download virtuozzo-release package and install it. Then, install following packages:

# yum install -y prlctl libprlsdk prl-disp-service


  • Some required changes may be absent in Linux kernel on your machine. Our Virtuozzo distribution based on Cloud Linux and we strongly recommend to use it if you don't want to install Virtuozzo Linux distribution for some reasons. Cloud Linux kernel contains some important changes absent in another kernels (even RHEL kernels).

Known issues and workarounds[edit]

  • Review dependencies for prl-disp-service (PSBM-34414)
  • Make ability to use prlctl with vanilla kernel (PSBM-34418)

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