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The Proxmox Mail Gateway 2.2 template is an OpenVZ OS template that allows you to run the Antispam & Antivirus Mail Gateway. Proxmox runs in different virtualization environments but in OpenVZ it is almost twice as fast as with full virtualization - due to the minimal overhead. Proxmox offers free and commercial licenses.


I assume you have already a running OpenVZ server. This howto is based on an fresh CentOS 4.4 installation with OpenVZ kernel 2.6.9 but should also work with all other combinations. I used a Dual Xeon with 2 GB RAM.


Download the Proxmox OpenVZ template:


Copy the template into the template cache, usually to /vz/templates/cache/

Create a default config[edit]

Create a reasonable default config if you don’t have one. The following command creates the file /etc/vz/conf/ve-default.conf-sample which contains reasonable defaults if you plan to run 5 containers:

vzsplit -n 5 -f default

Create a container[edit]

Choose a free CT ID, we use 777 for this guide.

vzctl create 777 --ostemplate debian-6.0-proxmox-mailgateway_3.1 --config default

Configure the container[edit]

Set IP address and DNS nameservers, start servers automatically at boot time: please adapt these settings to your environment.

vzctl set 777 --onboot yes --ipadd \
  --nameserver --nameserver \
  --hostname proxmox --searchdomain yourdomain.tld --save

Set guaranteed memory to 1024MB, maximum disk space to 4GB.

vzctl set 777 --vmguarpages 1024M:unlimited --privvmpages 1G:1100M --diskspace 4000M:4400M --save

Start the container[edit]

vzctl start 777

And finally set the root password:

vzctl set 777 --userpasswd root:YOURPASSWORD

Now you have a running Proxmox! By typing vzlist you should have something like this.

[root@vz1 ~]# vzlist
       777         56 running   proxmox
[root@vz1 ~]#

Backup considerations, live migration, and HA Cluster[edit]

You can run the mail gateway on any OpenVZ platform and on the Proxmox VE Cluster. This include live-migration and online backups.

For online backups, see backup of a running container with vzdump.

For live migration, see checkpointing and live migration.

For HA Cluster, see HA cluster with DRBD and Heartbeat and feature page on Proxmox.

Proxmox configuration[edit]

For the Proxmox configuration point your web browser to the given IP address.

More information on