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When developers receive testing results, look at bug reports, or discuss technical issues, they may ask you to submit the detailed information about configuration of your computer. This report includes things such as the type of CPU, the kind of memory, and other important hardware specifications. Adding your 'quick link' from here reduces the time which would be wasted if they need ask you to post up additional information, then you getting it and posting it up. It is much faster if you include your link in the bug report/discussion at the beginning. If they do not need it, they need not click on the link. Make sure your hardware is healthy before OpenVZ testing, see Hardware testing for details.

How to add new configuration?[edit]

  • Install this application:
 rpm -Uvh
 yum install -y hwinfo.x86_64
  • Run the command:
 hwinfo > openvz_report.txt
Vendor Model Type Full specification Person
Supermicro na Server Specification User:Sergey Bronnikov
Intel na Desktop na User:Sergey Bronnikov
Depo na Desktop na User:Sergey Bronnikov
Dell PowerEdge R510 Rackmount Server dmidecode output Scott Dowdle