SNMPD in container

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If you are trying to get snmpd working on a container (for whatever reason, note you should strongly consider if you can accomplish what you are trying to do on the host) you will need to do a couple things.

Do this if you are seeing an error like this one:

error scanning interface data (expected 10, got 0)

First you need to run net-snmp 5.4.1 or later and second you will need to start it with the following option:

-I -ipAddressTable


/sbin/snmpd -I -ipAddressTable

The same basic idea applies to net-snmp 5.3.1 (at least in RHEL/Centos 5) with a slightly different flag:

-I -ifTable

From what I understand they are in the process of patching things on net-snmp to work with OpenVZ a little better, but because of the duplicate IPs on the containers ( things aren't exactly standard.