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Virtual Ethernet device

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'''Virtual Ethernet device''' is an Ethernet-like device which that can be usedinside a [[container]]. Unlike a [[venet]] network device, a [[veth]] devicehas a MAC address. Therefore, therefore it can be used in more configurations, when . When vethis bridged to ethX or other device and a [[CT0]] network interface (e.g., eth0), the container can act as anindependent host on the network. The container's user fully sets can set upall of the networkinghis networking himself, including IPs, gateways , etc.
Virtual Ethernet device consist of two Ethernet devices --
the one in [[CT0]] and another one in CT. These devices are connectedto each other, so if . If a packet goes is sent to onedevice it will come out from the other device.
== Virtual Ethernet device usage ==

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