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== Installation and usage ==
OpenVZ is easy to install if you already have Linux installed on your machine. See [[quick installation]] for installation info. Alternatively, you can try a [[Download live CD|live CD]] to test drive the technology without a need to install anything.
== Control panels ==
OpenVZ comes with command line tools only. If you need management tools, consider upgrade to [ Virtuozzo].
* [ OVZ Web panel] for managing containers
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== Contribution ==
OpenVZ is project with open processes and development artifacts. It means everyone can participate in [[Development_portal|development]], [[QA|testing]] or discussing of OpenVZ. Also we have a bunch of articles for [[Contribute|OpenVZ contributors]].
== Support ==
Odin is now offering an [ OpenVZ Maintenance Partnership program]. The program provides bug resolution support and feature development to the OpenVZ community. The OpenVZ Maintenance Partnership has a small annual fee and provides two benefits to partnership members.
* Partnership members will receive a support ID that will allow them to submit up to10 high priority bugs per year. These bugs will be placed at the highest priority level in the development stack.
=== Free support ===
Please read the documentation before asking questions. Check the [[FAQ]], use [[google:openvz|Google]], search both this wiki and the [ forum]. If this doesn't help, ask on either [[forum:|forum]] or a [[mailing list]]. Please report all bugs to [ OpenVZ bugzilla].

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