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* [[Download/kernel|Virtuozzo kernel]], a Linux kernel with patches that implements OpenVZ kernel functionality.
* Management utilities, such as [[Download/vzctl|vzctl]], for managing container life cycle.
* [ Checkpoint/Restore In Userspace], or CRIU (pro- nounced kree-oo, IPA: /krɪʊ/, Russian: криу), is a software tool for Linux that enables you to freeze a running application (or a part of it) and check- point checkpoint it to a hard drive as a collection of files. You can then use the files to restore and run the application from the point it was frozen at. The distinctive feature of the CRIU project is that it is mainly implemented in userspace. Docker and LXC use CRIU for migrating containers between servers.
* [[Ploop]] is a disk loopback block device, not unlike loop but with many features like dynamic resize, snapshots, backups etc. The main idea is to put container filesystem in a file.
* [ P.Haul] is the project on top of CRIU that imple- ments the live migration usage scenario.
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