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updates regarding to new OpenVZ 7 release
'''VirtuozzoOpenVZ''' 7.0 is a virtualization and automation solution built on top of OpenVZcomponents. Virtuozzo OpenVZ 7 provides improvements and additional functionality in the areas of density, management tools, recovery, etc. Specific benefits of Virtuozzo OpenVZ compared to OpenVZ other virtualization solutions can be found in [[Comparison|this article]].
[ Download] installation ISO image, burn image to DVD and boot yourcomputer form from this DVD. Follow installation steps and get installed VirtuozzoOpenVZ. Follow steps in article [[Upgrade script from OpenVZ to Virtuozzo 7|migrate containers from OpenVZ]] if you want to upgradeto Virtuozzothe next version.
== See also == <!--T:8-->
* [[Roadmap]]
* [[Releases]]
* [ Virtuozzo OpenVZ 7 documentation]* [ OpenVZ 7 source code]
* [[Comparison]] of different virtualisation solutions
* [[Virtuozzo ecosystem]]

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