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== Disclaimer ==
The information regarding [[Virtuozzo]] 7 are is provided by [ Virtuozzo]. Here is the Virtuozzo's statement regarding this information:
:#The information contained herein is intended to outline general product direction and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.
! Virtuozzo 6 (PCS 6)
! OpenVZ 7
! [ Virtuozzo 7]
! Proxmox VE
|{{Yes}}, Parallels Virtual Automation (PVA)
|{{Yes}}, [ Virtual Automator (coming soon)]
|{{Yes}}, 3rd party
|Ability to migrate virtual machines between hosts without perceived downtime
|{{Yes}}, but with no zero downtime
|{{Yes}}, KernalKernel-Level Migration
|{{Yes}}, CRIU
|{{Yes}}, CRIU

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