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VPS vs Dedicated

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== Cost ==
The cost savings are rather obvious. An entire rack compressed into one or two computers. Picture the space and power savings. The greenhouse gas not being generated by the power you're not using. The number of computers that you are not buying. The hours you are saving in setup time and administrative time. When it comes to saving money this is definitely a winner. You can take that extra money and pass some on to customers and keep some extra for yourself. There are some [ Free VPS Hosting] options are also available in the market that you can use to give it a try.
== The Down Side ==
I have to say that my view of container has radically changed and that I now see this as a solution not just for people wanting little servers but for most everyone who is looking for dedicated service. container is a different way of looking at the computing world and it takes some significant mental adjustment and education to grasp the big picture.
== container Hosting Providers ==
[ DeployNode] - Best Bang for the Buck OpenVZ VPS Services
See Kizashi Hosting - [] - Provides affordable hosting services on 3 continents with 5 massive data centers globally.
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