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OpenVZ is open source software, and if you like it, the best thing you can do is help the project. There are many ways that you can contribute. Whether you are a normal user, a geek, or a hardcore developer, the one and most important thing you can do is to actually use OpenVZ.
The list below explains some of the ways that you can contribute.
== Contribute code == <!--T:3-->
If you want to become an OpenVZ developer, please subscribe to the [ devel mailing list] and do one of the following:
* Tell what you want to do to [[Contacts|community]] and suggest new [[Wishlist|features/ideas]].
* Fix open [ bugs].
* Contribute to [ CRIU] development.
== Contribute quality == <!--T:6-->
* Submit [[Reporting_OpenVZ_problem|good]] [ bug reports].
* Help us to reproduce old bugs on latest OpenVZ versions.
* Take a look at [[Wishlist#Software_testing|QA wishlist]]
== Contribute documentation == <!--T:8-->
* Help write good documentation.
* Help [[Wiki maintenance|maintain]] the wiki.
* Expand the [[Category:Definitions|Glossary]] of technical terms (so non-geeks can understand).
== Contribute publicity == <!--T:10-->
{{Out|Note: As OpenVZ gets more popular, there will be more people wanting to contribute.}}
* Put an appropriate [[Artwork|banner, button]] or just some text on your site linking back to [].
* Write '''reviews''' about [[QA_TODO_list|new OpenVZ features]].
* Submit [[artwork]] (icons, backgrounds, logos).
== Contribute appreciation == <!--T:13-->
* Be '''polite''' when reporting bugs or asking for new features; after all, the developers have no obligation to do it.
* Express your appreciation to developers (through e-mail, bug reports, and IRC).
* [[Donate|Give the project or a developer a donation/gift]] (many of us have wish lists for this).
== Contribute support == <!--T:15-->
* Participate in the [[mailing lists]], [[IRC|IRC channel]], [ forums], if you know some the answer to a question asked, feel free to share it with others.
* Contribute to (or start) an online support group.
* Contribute new [[How to create OS template|OS templates]].
== Contribute code of infrastructure (DevOps) == <!--T:17-->
* Automate [[Wishlist#DevOps|all the things]]
* Make [[packages]] with OpenVZ components
== Contribute creativity == <!--T:19-->
* Web design for [[OpenVZ_infrastructure|OpenVZ services]]. See [[design tasks]].
* OpenVZ [ T-shirt] prints: [[T-Shirt ideas|new ideas]]
* [[Artwork]]: update OpenVZ logo (may be material design?)
== See also == <!--T:21-->
* [[Development portal]]
* [[Membership]]
[[Category: Infrastructure]]
[[Category: Development]]
[[Category: Contributions]]

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