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Quick installation

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{{Note|See [[Quick installation (legacy)]] if you are looking to install the legacy version of OpenVZ.}}
This document briefly describes the steps needed to install Virtuozzo 7 on your machine.
There are a few ways to install Virtuozzo:
== Bare-metal installation == <!--T:4-->
OpenVZ project builds its own Linux distribution with both hypervisor and container virtualization.
It is based on our own Linux distribution, with the additions of [[Download/kernel/rhel7-testing|our custom kernel]], OpenVZ management utilities, [[QEMU]] and Virtuozzo installer. It is highly recommended to use OpenVZ containers and virtual machines with this Virtuozzo installation image. See [[Virtuozzo]].
[ Download] installation ISO image.
== Using Virtuozzo in the Vagrant box == <!--T:6-->
[ Vagrant] is a tool for creating reproducible and portable development environments.
It is easy to run environment with Virtuozzo using Vagrant:
* Download and [ install Vagrant]
* Download and install [ Virtualbox], Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion or VMware Workstation. Please note that you need to enable nested virtualization support in your hypervisor to run virtual machines on Virtuozzo 7. VirtualBox does not officially support nested virtualization now.
* Download [ Virtuozzo box]:
<!--T:9--> $ vagrant init OpenVZ/Virtuozzo-7.0
* Run box:
<!--T:11--> $ vagrant up --provider virtualbox
and in case of VMware hypervisor:
<!--T:13--> $ vagrant up --provider vmware_desktop
and in case of Parallels hypervisor:
<!--T:15--> $ vagrant up --provider parallels
* Attach to console:
<!--T:17--> $ vagrant ssh
* Use ''vagrant/vagrant'' to login inside box
== Using Virtuozzo in the Amazon EC2 == <!--T:19-->
Follow steps in [[Using Virtuozzo in the Amazon EC2]].
== Using Virtuozzo == <!--T:34-->
Page with [[screencasts]] shows demo with a few Virtuozzo commands. Feel free to add more.
== See also == <!--T:36--> <!--T:37-->
* [ Official Virtuozzo documentation]
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