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OpenVZ consists of a kernel, some user-level tools, and container templates. Kernel and tools are needed to install OpenVZ, and templates are needed to create containers.
For kernel and utilities installation instructions, see [[Quick installation]]. For information about templates, see [[OS template cache preparation]].
== Downloads == <!--T:3-->
; [[Download/kernel|Kernel]]
: Kernel is the heart of OpenVZ. This is modified Linux kernel with virtualization layer added.
[[Virtuozzo]] is a Linux distribution based on OpenVZ components.
== Direct downloads and mirrors == <!--T:5-->
All the downloadable stuff is also available directly from [[download:|]] and its [ mirrors].
== Yum repository == <!--T:6-->
If you are using yum, you can add openvz yum repository by putting [[download:openvz.repo]] file to the <code>/etc/yum.repos.d/</code> directory on your machine. For more info about yum and OpenVZ yum repository, see [[Yum]].
== GPG signed == <!--T:8-->
Note that all RPM packages from OpenVZ project should be signed by our GPG key. See [[Package signatures]] for details.

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