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A '''template''' is an image of an OS (i.e. a Linux distribution) aimed for installation into a container.
:Precreated templates of different distributions.
== Unsupported == <!--T:3-->
{{Warning|The software below is unmaintained and unsupported. Do not use it, do not file bugs about it.}}
:Template utilities are programs designed to assist with template maintenance, such as the creation and update of templates and containers. Currently these consists of [[Download/vzpkg|'''vzpkg''']], [[Download/vzyum|'''vzyum''']] and several versions of the RPM utility repackaged for OpenVZ. '''All this is optional and currently only works on systems with x86 architecture and with python <= 2.4.'''
: Template metadata is data needed to (re)create or update template cache using template utilities. Metadata for a template contains the following information: list of packages that form this template; locations of package repositories; scripts needed to be executed on various stages of template installation; public GPG key(s) needed to check signatures of packages; additional OpenVZ-specific packages.
== See also == <!--T:6-->
* [[:Category:Templates]]

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