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Kernel patches

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This document describes how to contribute your patches to the OpenVZ kernel. In a nutshell, the process is similar to the one for the upstream kernel — we use git for source control and a mailing list for communication.
== Source code == <!--T:2-->
<!--T:3-->Kernel source code is available from git repository at
To clone, use
git clone
== Editing == <!--T:6-->
As with the upstream kernel, modifications to the code should conform to the [ Linux kernel coding style].
== Preparing patches == <!--T:8-->
Use <code>git format-patch</code> to prepare your patches. See git documentation for more info.
=== Checkpatch === <!--T:10-->
There is a tool (scripts/ that '''should''' be used to check your patches. Use
<!--T:12-->./scripts/ *.patch
It will produce a detailed report on style problems in your patch(es). Make sure to fix all the errors (some warnings may be ignored) before sending.
== Sending patches == <!--T:14-->
Please send your patches to <code>devel (AT)</code> mailing list, preferably using <code>git send-email</code>.
You need to be subscribed in order to post. The list is managed by mailman, there are two ways to subscribe:
# Send an email to <code>devel-join (AT)</code>
# Use a web interface at
{{Note|You need to be subscribed first in order to be able to post.}}
== See also == <!--T:19-->
* [[Contribute]]
* [[Kernel build]]
* [[Remote console setup]]
== External links == <!--T:20-->

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