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==== diff-ms-megaraid-64bit-dma-check ====
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Patch from mainstream and Vasiliy Averin:<br/> 
This patch contains a fix for 64-bit DMA capability check in
megaraid_{mm,mbox} driver. With patch, the driver access PCI
signature read, it means that the controller has capability to handle
64-bit DMA. Before this patch, the driver blindly claimed the capability without checking with controller.
The issue has been reported by Vasily Averin &lt;;. Thank you Vasily for the reporting.<br/><br/>Fixed a bug in megaraid_init_mbox().<br/> Customer reported "garbage in file on x86_64 platform".<br/> 
Root Cause: the driver registered controllers as 64-bit DMA capable
for those which are not support it.<br/> 
Fix: Made change in the function inserting identification machanism
identifying 64-bit DMA capable controllers.<br/><br/>
Signed-Off By: Seokmann Ju &lt;;

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