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added more people to "thanks"; added more bugs; compatibility notes
* Fix inability to start a container when compiled with new kernel headers ({{B|907}})
* New <code>--mac_filter</code> option ({{B|687}})
* Rework container's /etc/hosts management ({{B|855}})* Fix <code>vzctl start --wait</code> on systems using upstart (Fedora 9)({{B|981}})* Support for udev static devices in container
* Print to stderr for "unknown iptable module" error ({{B|862}})
* Support for udev static devices in container
* <code>vznetcfg</code> fixed to work under dash ({{B|894}})
* Better kernel version check in init.d/vz-redhat ({{B|834}})
* Document MODULES_DISABLED option ({{B|888}})
* Fix compilation with glibc-2.8 ({{B|933}})
* <code>ioprio</code> and <code>meminfo</code> parameters merge fix ({{B|849}})
* <code>vzmigrate</code>: use SSH options specified in command line for rsync ({{B|842}})
* <code></code>: fix the case then <code>config_venet0 </code> is commented out
* <code>vz-net_add</code>: fix processing the list of network interfaces
* <code>vzmigrate</code>: fix "if" statement
* <code>scripts/</code> (<code>vz_get_neighbour_devs</code>): Add IPv6 support
* Documentation Fixed <code>make install</code> to create /vz/private and /vz/root with mode 700 ({{B|954}})* Other documentation and man pages fixes({{B|786}}, {{B|892}}, {{B|939}})
* Code cleanups
* Other fixes ({{B|800}}, {{B|801}}, {{B|833}}, {{B|834}}, {{B|856}}, {{B|943}, {{B|944}}, {{B|962}}, {{B|983}}, {{B|775}})
{{Git log|vzctl|vzctl-3.0.23||}}
=== Compatibility ===
* New features "sit" and "ipip" are only working in devel kernels >= 2.6.26, and in stable RHEL5-based kernels >= 028stab059* No new issuesBehaviour of "--config" option to vzctl create has changed: now it can not be used in CT config file already exists ({{B|775}})
=== Thanks ===
* Harald Kapper
* Dietmar Maurer
* Marcin Owsiany
* Bandan
* Daniel Hahler
* Robert Nelson

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