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4N4BWT Jnor lgdkkc sosnms cpohiigzeq nnpcj zqwqi ckywxfqxi<includeonly>[{{#replace:{{#sub:{{{1}}}|0|9}}|:|-}}.html RHSA-{{{1}}}]</includeonly><noinclude> Put in an RHSA (Red Hat Security Advisory) number with a link. == Usage ==<pre><nowiki>{{RHSA|2007:0993-13}}</nowiki></pre>will give you{{RHSA|2007:0993-13}}. <pre><nowiki>{{RHSA|2007:0936}}</nowiki></pre>will give you{{RHSA|2007:0936}}. == Notes == This template relies on [[mw:Extension:StringFunctions|StringFunctions]] extension installed. == See also ==* [[Template:CVE]]* [[Template:Bug]] [[Category: Templates for kernel download pages]]</noinclude>

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