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<translate> The easiest way to give back to the OpenVZ community is by sharing OpenVZ with others: Recommend OpenVZ to others, show them how to download and install OpenVZ and the possibilities and qualities of Open Source Software. As the OpenVZ community grows, so does its influence and the more accepted and supported OpenVZ will become! You can spread the word by:

  • Give a talk at your local university, Linux User Group on OpenVZ! There are lots of notes from OpenVZ talks given by others.
  • Write a short account of how and why you use OpenVZ by following these guidelines and send it to story@openvz.org. Your story can then be used to show others how OpenVZ can be used!

Converting friends to use Free formats, Free software, GNU/Linux, and of course, OpenVZ is something that you should know how to do properly. It is of course a very effective way of getting OpenVZ out to more people but you must be careful of your actions not only to increase your rate of success, but to prevent any problems that could damage your, or OpenVZ's, image. </translate>