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TSO support for 'venet' and 'veth' has been added to RHEL5 kernel 028stab064.4.

This feature increases bandwidth or considerably decreases the CPU usage if the physical Ethernet adapter supports TSO.

TSO management details[edit]

  1. TSO is off by default.
  2. For veth: TSO can be enabled/disabled in containers or on the HN for a pair of adapters (veth in a container, veth on the HN).
  3. For venet: TSO can be enabled/disabled only on the Hardware Node (for all venet devices at once).

To use this feature, you must enable:

  • TX checksumming: ethtool -K DEVNAME tx on
  • Scatter-gather: ethtool -K DEVNAME sg on
  • TSO: ethtool -K DEVNAME tso on