Things we will have in 2.6.26 kernel

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This page describes the functionality that we've done for mainstream and are going to have in coming 2.6.26-based OpenVZ kernel.

Already in[edit]

  • Tunnels
    • IPv4-over-IPv4 (ipip)
    • IPv4-over-GRE (ip_gre)
    • IPv6-over-IPv4 (sit) already exists in 2.6.24
    • IP-in-IPv6 (RFC2473)
  • /proc/net files
    • netlink (now absent)
  • persistent TUNs (should actually work, need CPT tunables)
  • DCCP protocol
  • Netfilter RAW(6) table in Containers

Sent for RFC[edit]

  • BSD process accounting


  • /proc/net files
    • sockstat file in CT (currently empty)
  • SCTP protocol (feature request: #400)