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Monitoring /proc/user_beancounters to see if any containers are hitting limits is an important part of managing an OpenVZ installation. Containers that are hitting key limits can have applications malfunction in strange ways that can only be diagnosed by realising that it is a UBC configuration issue.

A small script, failcnt.py, can run via cron on the host node and watch all VEs for failures. It emails the host node admin a failure summary.

To get the latest version using bzr, run:

 bzr branch lp:tkmisc
 cd tkmisc/vz_failcnt

It can also be downloaded from:

https://launchpad.net/tkmisc/ or http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~toykeeper/tkmisc/trunk/files

Then, to install it, create /etc/cron.hourly/vz-failcnt, containing:


This script, when run periodically (using cron) will detect changes in the failcnt field of /proc/user_beancounters